Daily Do's

LyfeSpark has two great systems to help you make progress in life and toward your goals on a regular basis, using the Daily Declarations and Daily Dare tools. One helps you build a healthy habit of completing action items every day, while the other interrupts your habitual thinking and ways of doing things to help you do something different and outside of the norm.

Daily Declarations

The Daily Declarations help keep you focused on accomplishing what is most important to you on a daily basis. Type in the top three items you want to achieve each day and send them out to the LyfeSpark community for extra accountability to go make them happen! When you accomplish them, mark them as complete and inspire others to do the same! Creating a habit of declaring three action items every day provides you instant accountability as well as feedback for yourself.

When you start making declarations, you may find that you don’t achieve them regularly, so you may need to create more realistic steps that you can be sure to accomplish. Alternatively, maybe you are declaring steps that are too routine or not big enough, so you are not making the progress you really want. Or perhaps you realize that the thing that you declare as the most important every day are put on the back burner as you address the needs and demands of everyone else. No matter what, the Daily Declarations tool is a good way to look in the mirror to see how effective you are and adjust things to improve your ability to create the life you want. You can see your patterns over time using the LyfeSpark system, so you can hold yourself accountable. You can also be held accountable by friends and challenge them to be more accountable to their declarations to make it more fun.

Daily Dares

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result”. The reality is that if you keep doing the same things you have always done, you will keep getting the same results you already have. You have to do something different, and the LyfeSpark Daily Dare is designed to help break up that normal routine. Every day you will get a new Daily Dare to push you out of your comfort zone and towards the life you dream about. When you finish the Daily Dare, mark it as complete and you will get points toward your Daily Dare score. See how you rank against other LyfeSparkers or get a friend to be an accountability partner and have a competition to see who accumulates the most points.

Sometimes the Daily Dare will have you doing something that seems completely unreasonable or uncomfortable – that’s the point! Your brain is set up to conserve energy and do the same things repeatedly and without thought (or energy consumption). That’s why you drive the same way to work every day, repeat the same behaviors in the same order when getting ready in the morning, and so on. The Daily Dare is designed to light a fire and have you do something you normally would not do. And in doing so, there is a lot of opportunity for learning and discovering new things. For example, giving flowers to a stranger may not be in your list of comfortable things to do. However, in doing that, you might discover that you changed someone’s life, or you made a new friend, or experienced something you never had before. Sharing those experiences encourages others to do the same, creating a ripple effect of change. And who knows, you could change your own life in the process!

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