One of the greatest things about LyfeSpark is the social network and community. Communities are built around supporting each other and LyfeSpark is no different. The ability to share your goals, vision boards, declarations, and more gives other people a chance to contribute to your success, just like you can give back to others through feedback, insights, and support. One person’s words of encouragement can push another over an obstacle or to the finish line. A comment or idea can spark a breakthrough with a project or goal. A little encouragement can motivate a lot of action.

In the activity feed, you will see what people are creating in their lives, finding inspiration from what others are doing or have accomplished already. And, more than likely, someone somewhere has done exactly what you want to do and can share feedback on how to do it more easily and more quickly. That’s the beauty of the LyfeSpark Community – the ability to give and receive support to help each other move forward. In addition to the LyfeSpark Community as a whole, you can create your own private group, or find a unique group of people who share similar goals.

LyfeSpark members share a common trait – they are searching for more, whether that be more happiness, fulfillment, joy, love, adventure, or financial success. Supporting each other and working together creates the synergy of an online mastermind group. And that positive momentum just creates more positive momentum!

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