From Passion to Possibility

We just watched this incredible video and were in awe of one man’s pursuit of possibility. Danny MacAskill, a Scottish trials cyclist, starts this adventure by saying “I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to ride my mountain bike up there” referring to the inaccessible Cuillin Ridge.

It’s inspiring to watch this man at the pinnacle of performance. However, it’s even more interesting to think about the journey that it must have taken to get him there. Clearly, he has a passion; a passion he has relentlessly pursued to the edge of possibility. At some point, he was just a child learning to ride a bicycle. Perhaps he had childhood dreams of riding this ridge or perhaps he just kept doing what he loved, continuing to improve in his skills and technique. Either way, there was, at some point, a sizable gap between his current abilities and the ultimate achievement of his dream.

Do you have a passion for something? Is there something you have always wanted to do yet have never pursued to the fullest, or pursued at all? Life is short. You don’t have to summit the mountain, yet this shows that persistently pursuing your dreams can make even a seemingly insurmountable challenge possible.

What dream do you think is just out of reach? What is one thing that you have thought about and dismissed, perhaps over and over again? Isn’t it time to give it some effort? What is in the way? Success could be as simple as taking the next step, and the next step, and the next step, and being willing to fall forward.

What have you been willing to risk in the pursuit of your passion and your possibilities? Is a simple “no” holding you back? Is what others may think of your dream keeping you from starting? Is it fear of succeeding or fear of failing to overcome an obstacle? Push those fears aside and just ride.

Life is an adventure. Start doing something you’ve always wanted to do and begin to Live Your Fullest Everyday®.

Lyfe Question

What is one adventure you’ve always wanted to take, maybe since childhood?

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