Live Your Fullest Everyday

Using Proven Tools to Get Better Results

  • Vision boards to visualize the life you want
  • Goals and action steps for direction and accountability
  • Community engagement for inspiration and ideas

Jumpstart Your Lyfe!

With today’s busy lifestyles and changing demands, there are many distractions that can take your focus away from what you really want. LyfeSpark is designed to support you in setting the path for the life of your dreams and keeping that vision in the forefront of your mind every day, using tools based on science and the latest research to help you achieve the life that you want.

How It Works

Create a Vision Board for one or more areas of your life

Vision boards help you visualize what you want in your life.

Set Goals and Action Steps to track your progress

Writing down goals and creating a plan gives you direction and spurs action.

Declare your intentions and become accountable to friends

Research shows that accountability increases success in goal achievement.

Share your wins and get support from the LyfeSpark community

Give and receive support and inspiration from others.

Vision Boards

A vision board is a visual representation of what you want your life to be. You start by picking out pictures of things you would like to have or do or be – a picture of your dream car, or a great new house, or family vacation at the beach. Making a Vision Board with images is a visual trigger for your brain to go to work and find a way to make that a reality. Looking at your Vision Board every day, or just having it somewhere in your line of vision, gives your subconscious brain a new perspective, like a new pair of glasses, to focus its attention on finding ways to make that your reality. It’s a picture version of visualization – something that athletes have used for years in achieving success. And even better, with LyfeSpark, you can take your Vision Board with you digitally and view, edit, update, and share whenever the inspiration strikes.


Setting goals is a well-known tool for achieving results. Studies show that setting written goals results in more success than having non-written goals, and that adding timelines and accountability by involving others improves success rates even further. All of this is available on LyfeSpark, with tools to set goals, add action steps and timelines, and to share your commitments with others for accountability and support. And LyfeSpark is designed to encourage you to set goals in all areas of life, not just career, finance, education, or physical health. Set goals around fun and entertainment, travel, community contribution, spirituality and more. It’s your life to create!

Daily Do's

Daily Declarations and Daily Dares are designed to support you in achieving your dreams. Setting three Daily Declarations helps clarify your intention each day, so that you can focus on what is most important. Sharing your declarations with the world or a group of friends helps hold you accountable for getting it done, while seeing your trends over time helps you improve in all areas to make this a daily habit. Daily Dares are LyfeSpark-inspired ideas to challenge you do something different every day and get you thinking outside of you everyday comfort zone.

LyfeSpark Community

LyfeSpark was created to help you be more, do more, have more, and give more, so that you can be happier and more fulfilled in life. The fastest and most enjoyable way to do that is to connect, engage, support, and encourage others and have them do the same for you! Whatever you want in life, someone else has already found a way to achieve. Get inspiration and ideas from them. Share your experience and ideas with them. Together we can achieve more!

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